[Predator vs Judge Dredd]

Predator vs Judge Dredd

[Predator vs Judge Dredd]

In the totalitarian future, Judge Dredd is the law. But for the Yautja, the only law is the hunt. There's gonna be trouble down in Mega-City One ... This is one fight you don't want to miss.

The law-dispensing Judges know how to deal with human predators. But this new breed isn't the "usual." They aren't even from this planet. It's a species so violent they named them "Predators." It's up to the toughest Judge, Judge Dredd, to take these Yautja down. His partner is Psi-Judge Schaeffer, a descendant of NYPD Detective Schaeffer, who saw his share of Yautja in the 20th century. There's gonna be trouble down in Mega-City One!

When a rogue Yautja and Judge Dredd face off, bet on a no-holds-barred showdown. But how much of Mega-City One will get demolished in the process? For once, Dredd may not mind a little help: a Psi-Judge named Schaeffer. But now that she's tasted the blood of the vicious alien creature, there's no guarantee that Dredd's going to walk away from this one victorious.

Judge Dredd vs Aliens: Incubus

[Aliens vs Judge Dredd]

In Mega-City One, you'll hear judges scream...

Judge Dredd, the gritty, gruff hero, faces off against Kiande Amedha in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees! The tenacious Judge Dredd, upholding the law in a deadly, radioactive future, has faced everything from mutants to supernatural possessions…but can he, a group of judges, and the elite team called the Verminators fend off an infestation of the deadly, acid-drooling Kiande Amedha? Facing their most dangerous enemies yet, it’s lawmen versus nature’s best killing machines in a bloody battle to keep the vast metropolis of the future from becoming a hideous breeding ground!

Judge Dredd faces off against Kiande Amedha in a battle that just may bring Mega-City One to its knees! With a special extermination unit called The Verminators now on Dredd's side, it's lawmen versus nature's best killing machines in a bloody battle that leads straight to the packed Eisenhower General Hospital! The unflinching Judge Dredd and his elite group of Judges struggle to fend off an infestation of the deadly, acid-drooling Kiande Amedha and to discover their origins. Dredd initially thought that the Kiande Amedha were part of an illegal pit-fighting ring, but it's possible that they are linked to Mutant Jack and his anti-Judge activists...and only time will tell if more Kiande Amedha are hidden in the city!

After a deadly battle in Mega City One's General Hospital, Judge Dredd and the special extermination unit, the Verminators, bury their dead and reorganize to fight a possible city-wide infestation of the bloodthirsty, acid-filled Kiande Amedha. An anti-judicial terrorist group exists unnoticed in the ruined Undercity, plotting to breach the city's defenses to let loose Kiande Amedha terror upon the Judges and innocent civilians. With the Verminators and Judge Dredd's assault squads already ravaged by an Kiande Amedha attack, will the addition of the Mechanismo Droids, old robotic Judges, be enough to protect Mega City One from the fiercest killing machines in the galaxy?

Judge Dredd vs Aliens vs Predator

[Predator vs Aliens vs Judge Dredd] Three of the most iconic scifi franchises in history are meeting up once more in Dark Horse’s latest crossover comic, the aptly titled Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens.

PvsJDvsA sees Judges Dredd and Anderson on the hunt for a rogue genetic scientist who has gotten his hands on a Kiande Amedha skull in the hopes of creating his own breed of the deadliest creature in the galaxy.

Which sounds like the perfect time for a Yautja to enter the picture, attracted by the opportunity to hunt the greatest prey of all—both Judge and Kiande Amedha alike!

We open the book with a crash-landed Yautja, and instead of being the hunter, as usual, the predator is the prey. He’s crash-landedcrashlanded in a jungle overgrowth in the middle of the Cursed Earth, where he is pursued by an Island of Dr. Moreau group of man-ads, creations of a crazed genetic engineer. And this crazed scientist recovers not just the Yautja, but some of the Yautja’s hunting trophies—including a Kiande Amedha skull, and the Kiande Amedha’s DNA contained therein. Add to it Dredd chasing the robot leader of an apocalypse death cult, and everybody on a collision course. Then things gets nuts!