"This time it's war."

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Ripley 2356. Ellen Ripley's DNA samples are re-discovered by the United System Military. (Ripley died on Fiorina 161 some 177 years earlier.)

2371. Dr Mason Wren gains funding and begins research on Ellen Ripley's DNA samples in hopes of cloning a Kiande Amedha.

2377. Doctors Jonathan Gediman, Carlyn Williamson, Matt Kinloch, Yoshi Watanabe, Brian Clauss, Dan Sprague, and graduate Trish Fontaine are assigned to the top secret medical research vessel USM Auriga while General Perez was assigned as the military commander of the operation. The first seven clones that managed to surpass the microscopic stage were twisted hybrids of human and kiande amedha biology. As these clones were nonviable, let alone be able to host the Queen embryo, they were put into stasis storage.

Ripley8 2380. The United Systems Military clones Ellen Ripley aboard the USM Auriga and also produces a Kiande Amedha Queen embryo.

Dec 31 2380. Doctors Wren and Gediman extract the embryo of an kainde amedha queen that had been growing inside her at the time of her death, raise it, and collect its eggs for further use. The Ripley clone (#8) is kept alive for further study. As a result of her DNA being mixed with the kainde amedha's DNA during the cloning process, she develops enhanced strength and reflexes, has acidic blood and a psychic link (along with 'genetic memory') with the kainde amedha. With the Queen secured, the second phase of the USM Auriga project began.

General Perez had contacted an acquaintance of his, Frank Elgyn, and in exchange for hard cash, Perez struck a deal with Elgyn to procure and deliver human host bodies to the Auriga. Elgyn and the rest of his band of smugglers proceeded to hijack a passenger liner en route to Xarem and transfer the occupied cryosleep tubes to their own ship, the Betty.

Jan 2381. Pluto, Jupiter, and Earth are very close to being in alignment

Jan 3, 2381. Ripley8 attacks Dr Wren during a routine medical examination.

Jan 4, 2381. The Betty docks with the USM Auriga and unloads it's cargo - the 12 human host bodies in cryosleep from the passenger liner en route to Xarem. The abducted passengers are impregnated with kainde amedha embryos which hatch shortly after.

Call Jan 6, 2381. Acting on her own agenda, Annalee Call gained access to the cell where Ripley8 was held, intending to kill her in order to prevent the scientist from retrieving the Queen embryo. However, Call soon realized that she was too late. Wren had noticed her unauthorized entry, took Call into custody and brought her to the mess hall where the rest of Elgyn's crew was present at the time. Wren's accusations of terrorist activity escalated into violence. Elgyn and the other smugglers quickly overwhelmed the security guards, took Wren and a USM soldier, Private Vincent DiStephano, hostage in order to fight their way back to the Betty, when a ship-wide alert was activated.

The full grown kainde amedha escape and run amock through the ship, killing or capturing most of the crew. Perez ordered the evacuation of the ship, and while a number of USM Auriga personnel was able to escape in time, most of the remaining staff, including Perez, were killed off in the initial attack.

The kiande amedha freed the Queen and set up a hive in a waste tank of the USM Auriga. However, the Queen had been mutated by Ripley's DNA and developed female reproductive organs, which caused the kiande amedha to cease their efforts to take victims for impregnation soon after the hive had been created.

Ripley8 had also noticed the outbreak and escaped her cell. She found the smugglers just in time to save them from a kiande amedha, which had just killed Elgyn. A fragile alliance between the two parties was formed, and following directions provided by Wren and DiStephano, Ripley8 took the lead. However, time was running out as the USM Auriga, following emergency procedure, had set course to Earth.

During their trek through the USM Auriga, Ripley8 found and destroyed the remains of the first seven clones. The crew also picked up Larry Purvis, one of the human hosts from the passenger liner. Despite the fact that Purvis had already been impregnated, the crew decided to take him with them so that Wren could remove the embryo later. Wren turns on the group and shoots Call, making his own way to the Betty.

Swimming Aliens 2.5 hours later, while traversing the flooded kitchen of the ship, the survivors were attacked by two kiande amedha and lost the crew members Hillard and Christie to the creatures whereas Wren took the opportunity to leave behind the rest of the group. When the survivors took a short break, it is revealed that Call is an Auton, a second-generation android who had made it her mission to prevent humanity from unleashing the kiande amedha on the galaxy.

Ripley8 convinced Call to manually log into the ship's mainframe, Father, and adjusts it's flight path so it will crash, rather than land, on Earth, and speeds the ship up (thereby speeding up the ships flight time to 42 minutes). The survivors had almost reached the Betty when Ripley8 was abducted by the kainde amedha into their hive. Unable to help her, Call, Johner, Vriess, Distephano and Purvis were forced to move on without her.

However Wren has beaten them already and threatens to kill Call unless she resets the USM Auriga's flight path. As Purvis' embryo begins to emerge, he fights Wren, placing Wren's head over his chest. The embryo hatches killing Purvis and Wren. Distephano, Johner, and Call kill the chestburster.

Inside the kiande amedha hive, Ripley8 witnesses the birth of the Newborn, a kainde amedha/ Human hybrid. The Newborn kills the kainde amedha Queen, then comes after Ripley8. Ripley8 races back to the Betty and boards, just as is takes off.

When the USM Auriga was obliterated during the impact into southern Africa at approximately 6:00am local time, Ripley, Call and the rest of the group believed the kiande amedha threat to be eliminated. However, Call is confronted by the Newborn in the Betty's cargo bay. Distephano goes to the cargo to help Call and is killed by the Newborn.

Ripley8 manages to tame the Newborn momentarily, while flinging some of her own acidic blood on a porthole. The porthole disintegrates and the Newborn is sucked out. The Betty enters Earth's atmosphere and evenutally land. Ripley, Call, Johner and Vriess, contemplate their next move.