"The Hunt Is On."

  • Predators. 20th Century Fox, 2010. DVD.
  • Predators: Novel. 2010. Print.
  • 2008 Date: Nikolai was taken from the 2nd Chechen War, which ran from Aug 26, 1999 – Apr 16, 2009.

December, 2008

Nine ‘killers’ – a mercenary named Royce, an Isreali Defence Force sniper named Isabelle, a Los Zetas drug enforcer named Chuchillo, a Spetznas machine gunner from Chechnya named Nickolai Mikhailovic, a Yakuza named Hanzo, and RUF death squad member named Mombasa, serial murderer and rapist Walter Stans, and a doctor named Edwin (later also revealed to be a serial killer) – are abducted from various locations around the world and dropped via parachute onto a game preserve planet by "Super Yautja" clan in order to be hunted. The ninth unknown killer’s chute doesn’t open and he is killed in the fall.

Over the course of the next 24 hours or so, each of them is killed. Chuchillo is first when the group is flushed out by Yautja hounds, and he is used to try and trap the others. Mombasa is killed by a cloaked Yautja after they come across their camp. After meeting and being betrayed by a US Air Cavalryman named Ronald Noland who has survived on the planet for some years, Nickolai blows himself up taking one of the Yautja with him.

Escaping Noland’s trap, Stans is killed trying to stab a Yautja buying Royce, Isabelle, Edwin and Hanzo some time to try and reach the ship the hunters have at their camp. Hanzo fights one Yautja with a katana he retrieved from Noland, killing it, while also being fatally wounded. Predators

Edwin is hurt in a trap and he and Isabelle are abandoned by Royce. Edwin’s true nature is finally revealed to the Isabelle, as he paralyses her, intending to kill her slowly. Royce meanwhile frees a Yautja from another clan, imprisoned at camp, intending to use it to help him get off the planet. The Yautja do battle and the formerly imprisoned Yautja is killed. The victor remotely destroys his escaping ship. Royce, who wasn’t on the ship, rescues Isabelle from Edwin, then booby traps the latter with grenades, wounding the remaining Yautja. They fight, Isabelle shooting and further wounding the Yautja as Royce is about to be killed. Royce fights back and ultimately decapitates the creature.

Next morning, Royce and Isabelle see more parachutes dropping and leave the camp, searching for a way to leave the planet.