Multiverse Theory


An interesting archived blog entry examining the canon and continuities of the Alien-Predator universe, with the addition of Ridley Scott's Blade Runner added into the mix. Written by Avery Hinks on a WordPress Blog-- this introduces the multiverse theory, explaining all the many connections between the films set in the Alien/Predator Universe, as well as clearing up which films are set in that universe.

With the possibility of the Alien 5 movie, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection will be completely ignored. Instead, the film will be picking up where Aliens left off and will be a direct sequel to that film. So Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection are out, but Alien and Aliens are still in.

As they still fully intend to go forward with making Prometheus 2, this thereby confirms that Prometheus is still canon. Also, the events of Prometheus directly contradict things that happen in Alien vs. Predator, so this already made sense anyway.

As Shane Black, the director of the upcoming new Predator film, stated that his Predator movie will be a direct follow-up to Predator and Predator 2, and will ignore the events of Predators as well as the Alien vs. Predator movies.

This does not take Predator and Predator 2 out of continuity as well as the kiande amedha skull was still in Predator 2 whether the AVP movies happened or not.

Therefore, Predator and Predator 2 are still very much set in the same universe as Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus.

So what we have here is an example of alternate universes. Neill Blomkamp's Alien film can't be in the same universe as Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. Shane Black's Predator film can't be in the same universe as Predators. Prometheus can't be set in the same universe as AVP. However, Predator, Predator 2, Alien, and Aliens can all still exist in the same universe. So with all these things being considered, the new timeline would probably look something like the timeline pictured here.

Note: Peter Weyland’s mentor was Eldon Tyrell, the man who created the replicants in Blade Runner, and whose office is at the top of a pyramid, and whose creations arguably “blew up in the old man’s face.” With Blade Runner set in 2019 the dates don’t really line up. Peter Weyland’s TED talk takes place in 2023, and everything else we’ve seen from Prometheus wouldn’t easily allow the tech in Blade Runner — several generations of replicants along — to jive with the timeline of the Prometheus universe. So while this chart is perfect to explain the Multiverse Theory, the Blade Runner movie is not part of that universe.

Agents of Law

Agents of Law

Another case of a Yautja making a canonical appearance in an external franchise is the case of Agents of Law, a comic title published by Dark Horse comics and was part of the Comics Greatest World imprint, later renamed as the Dark Horse Heroes imprint in the 1990s.

Agents of Law #6 is the final issue in the Agents of Law series. In this crossover event, Yautjas arrive on Earth to hunt after exceptional prey, in this case, it is the Dark Horse Heroes. Agents of Law #6 depicts a Yautja being drawn to conflict when super-villain Law seizes power over Golden City from a group of super-humans. After a seemingly grueling battle, despite Law's superhuman abilities, he is seen decapitated by a triumphant Yautja, who stands over Golden City-- leaving the city's fate to be determined by Grace and her allies.

Agents of Law had a brief publication run from Dark Horse comics. It was immediately ended after six issues due to poor sales that was one of many comics in the Dark Horse Heroes universe to be cancelled. It was also part of the crossover event Hunting the Heroes: The Predators Attack. Yautjas hunted Dark Horse characters such as Ghost, Motorhead, and X. This crossover provided Agents of Law writer Lovern Kinderzierski to provide an end to the series by having Law killed off and Grace and a team of heroes to rebuild Golden City. With the line's cancellation, this resolution was never shown.

Because of the crossover being the intended ending of the Agents of Law comic, it is considered by default, to be in-continuity with the Agents of Law series and can be seen as an external and alternative canon to the mainstream Alien-Predator films. It is likely that only the first two Predator films were kept in mind to fit this universe.

Judge Dredd

[Predator vs Judge Dredd]

While not considered canon in the mainstream Alien-Predator franchises, the titular creatures do make canonical appearances within select crossovers from Predator vs. Judge Dredd, and Alien vs. Judge Dredd: Incubus. These crossovers are few of the rare instances where Kiande Amedha and Yautjas canonically exist in other franchises, and could be seen as legitimate alternate universe stories.

It is recognized as part of the main Judge Dredd canon-- along with the Aliens vs. Judge Dredd: Incubus, and by extension-- the Batman/Judge Dredd crossover. The canon of Dredd fits into a single continuous timeline (the character has aged in real time) and deals with "trans-dimensional encounters" such as his encounter with Batman, whereas the Yautja and Kiande Amedha encounters were first contact involving extraterrestrial life forms, serving as if the Yautja and kiande amedha have long since co-existed within the Dredd universe.

Indirect and off-handed mentions of characters and events from these crossovers have been made within the Dredd comics-- meaning they occurred and are accounted for. Batman was referenced as "that insane vigilante" and Psi-Judge Schaefer was indirectly mentioned a few times.

The crossover also directly mentions the events of Val Verde 1987 (Predator) as Psy-Judge Schaefer mentions her "Great-Great Grandfather" well as other encounters-- indirectly referencing Predator 2 and the old EU material (prior to the Fire and Stone reboot).

However, some events from the main Alien-Predator universe cannot occur and are omitted from the Dredd universe. The timeline of the Dredd universe extends from the early 21st century to the mid 22nd century, and others were simply not filmed during publication of this crossover. This clashes with the timeline of the Alien era, as the events of Prometheus occurred from 2089 to 2094 AD, and the events of Alien occurred from 2122. Dredd encounters the Kiande Amedha sometime around 2120 to 2134.

While the events of AVP, AVP-R, and PREDATORS can fit within the Dredd universe, it is likely they are not accounted for simply for not having been filmed during this crossover's publication.

This means that the first two Predator films and some of the old pre-reboot EU material set prior to Val Verde, 1987 and post Los Angeles, 1997-- up to 2030 occurred in two universes. Predator and Predator 2 occurred within both the main Alien-Predator universe, and the Judge Dredd universe.



An unusual case of the Yautja making a canonical appearance within an external franchise (though this might be an unofficial and unapproved appearance) is the case of one single Yautja appearing in the Marvel UK line of Transformers.

In one particular issue, Starscream is found wandering through the swamps of a Louisiana Bayou, a Yautja aims his plasma pistol at Starscream. The Yautja was intent on claiming the bounty set by Megatron and Shockwave on Starscream's head. At the end of the story, Starscream survives and it can be assumed that the Yautja was unsuccessful.

The Yautja was not explicitly named on the cover to issue #284, but in issue #293's letters page Dreadwind confirms the alien's identity. Interestingly enough, the Letter's Page in Marvel's UK Transformers series, are stated by the writers to be in-continuity, defying any and all logic whatsoever. The Marvel UK Generation 1 comic had an interesting approach to fan mail — the letters were answered by Transformers.

Further note to the Yautja presence in the Transformers Multiverse, within the Transformers Animated continuity family, the home-planet of the Yautja, named "Yautja" is mentioned in the Allspark Almanac II. It was a neutral organic planet close to Necronom IV. Necronom IV is the name of the H. R. Giger painting that inspired the kiande amedha from the Alien movie franchise. Alien fandom has sometimes re-purposed the painting's name as that of a hypothetical home planet for the creatures, and the Almanac followed that train of thought. The planet's closeness to Yautja alludes to the Alien vs. Predator franchise.

Therefore, the Yautja seemingly exist in two instances in the Transformers multiverse.


WildCATS Another interesting case of alternate canon is the WildCATS/Aliens crossover. This story assumes that the kiande amedha have long-since co-existed with the meta-human and extraterrestrial denizens of the Wildstorm Universe and are a never before encountered species by many of the extraterrestrial members of the WildCATS and Stormwatch teams.

The events of WildCATS/Aliens is set between Stormwatch Volume 2, issues #10 and issues #11 and WildCATS Volume 1 and Volume 2 which depicts the deaths of the Stormwatch team, and the immediate formation of the Authority team. When detailed about the crossover, Warren Ellis was less than enthusiastic about the story, quoting that it was "Bloody stupid" but was won over when told that he could kill off whatever character he wanted. This served as the launch pad for Ellis to create a new superhero team with his own characters (the exception being Swift). Scott Dunbier, the editor at the time, explained the reasoning behind the idea: "One of my goals was that this should be a book with lasting effects, unlike the usual cross-company epics that come and go and mean nothing. Since Warren Ellis was wrapping up his run on Stormwatch, before diving into The Authority, I thought it would be an interesting idea to kill off a large portion of the remaining Stormwatch characters, the ones that wouldn’t be moving on to the new book."

The following Stormwatch members were killed by the kiande amedha off-panel: Fuji, Hellstrike, and Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit's death was the most notable as she was a host to a never before seen type of kiande amedha with meta-human abilities over flame. Winter, who was believed to have been killed, was later was revealed to have survived in the Authority one-shot, "Scorched Earth". The Worldstorm event served as a reset to the Wildstorm universe. The 'reboot' set the ground for a November 2006 relaunch of many Wildstorm titles. At first, the new titles appeared to include major changes to Wildstorm continuity; as stories progressed efforts were made to explain these changes to preserve continuity from before the Worldstorm event. Following the Worldstorm event, deceased members of the Stormwatch team were revived and seen back in service.

Stormwatch Black team members who were not present in this crossover, Jenny Sparks, Jack Hawksmoor, and Swift went onto form the core team of the Authority.

This crossover can be seen as an alternate and independent canon from the mainstream Alien-Predator franchise. While the kiande amedha are considered canon in the Wildstorm universe, the historic events of AVP, Prometheus, and the Alien films are not accounted for and CANNOT occur due to the Wildstorm universe's frequent nature of cosmic and trans-dimensional cataclysms causing frequent resets, and it is later acquisition into the DC Multiverse.