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American Dad

The Yautja have been referenced American Dad!:

  • "Joint Custody" (2007): When Roger finds out that Hayley's boyfriend, Jeff, is wanted in Florida for smuggling marijuana, he and Stan turn into bounty hunters and chase Jeff across the country. One of the outfits Roger tries on when preparing to become a bounty hunter is a Yautja costume.
  • "Oedipal Panties" (2008): When Stan's mom gets dumped for the umpteenth time by a boyfriend, she comes running to Stan for support. Feeling threatened by her always-visiting mother-in-law, Francine is determined to cut Stan's umbilical cord and figure out what keeps going wrong with the men in her life. A Yautja's mask can be seen in Roger's closet during this episode.


Archer has made reference to the Yautjas several times:

  • "El Contador" (2012): Archer begins nervously scanning the tropical jungle around him when Cyril suddenly disappears, believing a Yautja to be responsible. Lana attempts to point out how ridiculous he is being, stating that, for starters, the Yautja is invisible, but Archer interrupts her, correcting, "Not totally, he has a tell-tale shimmer."
    Lana: Well, where the hell did he go?
    Archer: I donít know. Itís like he just-
    (Looks around)
    Lana: Youíre looking for predator arenít you?
    Archer: (pause) Yes.
    Lana: Couple things: A. Heís invisible.
    Archer: Not totally he has a tell-tale shimmer.
  • "The Wind Cries Mary" (2013): Archer and his former best friend Lucas Troy are holed up in the Vermont wilderness, fighting hard to come out on top.] Pam has everyone at ISIS do peer reviews but Cyril and Lana have some serious issues with the reviews. When Archer finds a pile of Cyril's discarded clothes in the snow he initially mistakes them for skin, wondering aloud whether Cyril might have been killed by a Yautja. He goes on to reassure himself that the Yautja only hunts in tropical jungles.

    Captain Simian & The Space Monkeys Episode 3: Ape-lien

    Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys is an American animated television series. The show premiered on September 7, 1996 and ended after 26 episodes on June 21, 1997. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment, Monkeyshine Productions inc, and distributed by Bohbot Entertainment and aired as part of a syndicated animation block known as BKN. Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys ran for four years on American and international TV. Despite the title only two of the members are monkeys.

    The series includes many references and parodies of science fiction films and TV shows, such as Plan Ape from Outer Space. This episode has a parodied appearance of the Engineer and the kiande amedha. This episode plays out quite similarly to the 1979 film, Alien. Spydor assumes the role of Kane as the host to the Ape-lien, but instead of a facehugger latching onto his face, it instead is a parasite which bites onto his rear and mutates. The parodied creature further mutates as it confronts the members of Captain Simian's crew. Captain Simian and his enemy Nebula were voiced by Jerry Doyle and Michael Dorn who had played the security officer in the sci-fi program Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    Buffy The Vampire Sayer

    Joss Whedon's Buffy franchise does have some links to the Alien-Predator universe, especially considering that Whedon had written the script for Alien Resurrection. In the Buffyverse, Weyland-Yutani is one of the Wolfram and Heart firm's clients. In the canonical season nine Dark Horse comics, Buffy does have an encounter with a "Xenomorph" in the short story "In Space No One Can Hear You Slay".

    But the "Xenomorph" in this story isn't the traditional kiande amedha as it's origins are vastly different, and likely doesn't utilize the reproduction method in that it's a Bug Demon that mutated into a creature resembling the Alien, and that instead of an aversion to fire, it has an affinity to it.

    In the non-canonical Dark Horse and Wizard "City of Despair" comic, a Yautja and Hellboy make cameo appearances as gladiators in an interdimensional arena.


    The Nerdator was a one-time enemy of Freakazoid.

    A parody of the Yautja, "Nerdator" is a segment in Episode 11 of the Freakazoid cartoon series which aired Dec 31, 1995.

    Nerdator kidnapped the world's nerds in order to steal their intelligence. Freakazoid convinces Nerdator of the downside of being a nerd, so he releases the nerds and kidnaps good-looking but vapid airheads so he can steal their powers and get babes.

    Mortal Kombat

    While non-canon in either Alien-Predator or Mortal Kombat franchises, the Yautja makes an appearance in Mortal Kombat X. Interestingly enough, while it's widely accepted that Yautjas disdain and abhor magic, a Yautja dubbed by the fans as "Apex" seems to have successfully hunted the Kombatants and Elder God Shinnok, only to then later acquire the secrets of Shinnok's amulet and learned the applications of sorcery-- effectively wiping out the Mortal Kombat universe.

    My Gym Partner's a Monkey

    An episode of Cartoon Network's "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", entitled "Hygiene Hijinks" references the original Yautja. An anthropomorphic Rhinoceros, Cyrus Q. Hornbill, slathers himself in mud and mentions that Yautjas can't see their prey with their thermal infrared vision. Amusingly, it cuts to a cartoonish Yautja, who shrugs his shoulders and admits that fact is very much true.

    Synopsis: When Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski comes to Charles Darwin after an orthodontist appointment, Adam and Jake notice some changes. Bull's braces are gone, and his personality has completely changed. Now he's no longer bullying other students and wants to give helpful advice to others. However, that advice includes making fun of Adam Lyon's fashion choices, and Adam doesn't like it! Is there any way to get the old Virgil back?

    Robot Chicken

    The Yautja have appeared several times on the stop-motion comedy series Robot Chicken:

    • "A Piece of the Action" (2005): An Alien and a Yautja quietly play a game of chess.
    • "The Sack" (2005): A television dating show, similar to long-running reality series Blind Date. The date, between Susan the Alien and Douglas the Yautja, initially goes well, but when Douglas attempts to kiss Susan as he drops her off at home, she protests and eventually plungers her inner jaw into his neck. The mortally wounded Douglas then activates his Self-Destruct Device, killing them both (and the camera crew). The skit was later reused in the 2008 episode "Adultizzle Swizzle".
    • "Werewolf vs. Unicorn" (2007): California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shows how California is dealing with the Mexican border issue, and frankly, it's not much of an improvement. He says that he has dealt with many aliens in the past, and points to a board which contains pictures of a Yautja and a Terminator (the T-1000).
    • "Malcolm X: Fully Loaded" (2011) The City Hunter is cornered by two soldiers armed with an M16 and M60. The City Hunter begins using his Wrist Gauntlet and the soldiers gun him down fearing what he is doing with it. It is revealed that the Yautja was simply sending a text telling them that he was surrendering.
    • "Casablankman" (2011) The Falconer (instead of the Jungle Hunter) is about to kill Dutch, but is stopped when a group of Yautjas (including Berserker) who oppose sport hunting arrive and activate his Self-Destruct Device which detonates in an explosion only small enough to kill the Falconer. The Yautjas then "free" Dutch, who is then attacked by a snake.

    Robocop vs Predator

    Interesting to note...

    These panels and pages were done as a pitch for Dark Horse to do Robocop vs Predator. Ultimately the project was never picked up for unknown reasons and scrapped.

    These were found over at Robocop Archive.

    Amazing Spider Man, Issue #413 July 1996

    Mysterio teamed up with Armada to destroy Spider-Man and get rich. Spider-Man thwarted the plot, leaving Mysterio and Armada vengeful against the wall-crawler. Now, they are trying again.

    Ben Reilly, the current Spider-Man at the time during the Clone Saga, awakens in a bug jar in a giant child's room, being shaken by a little boy. Spider-Man finds he has been downsized - to actual spider size! He doesn't remember how he got to be so small, but all of a sudden Spider-Man's become a child's toy. It doesn't take long for him to realize the toys in this room don't want to play with him. He escapes the jar, only to be attacked by the various toys from all over the room.

    Among the toys there is:

    • Godzilla from the Godzilla franchise
    • Luke Skywalker from Star Wars
    • Gumby from Gumby
    • Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • the kiande amedha from the Alien franchise
    • A cowboy which resembles Woody from Toy Story
    • Juggernaut, Wolverine and Sentinel from X-Men
    • an astronaut named Fuzz, a reference to Buzz from Toy Story
    • a robot which resembles a Transformer
    • a pair of dolls which look like Pinky and The Brain from Pinky and the Brain
    • one that is somewhat similar to one of the characters from Gargoyles
    • a figure which looks like a Power Ranger from Power Rangers
    • a set of various generic toys

    It's revealed that Spider-Man's tiny adventure is the result of some treachery on the part of Mysterio and Armada. They created a giant version of a child's room, complete with a giant robot boy. Armada himself designed some robots to destroy Spider-Man, but he's upset that his creatures are being hurt. Mysterio says that it's more fun to toy with Spider-Man, as it shows true artistry.

    Spider-Man soon discovers one of Armada's robots inside a toy. When he destroys it, an enraged Armada tries to take matters into his own hands by reveals himself. Realizing the truth of his situation, Spider-Man takes control of Armada's armor and rides him into Mysterio's control center. Mysterio hides in his mist but Spider-Man tracks him down, striking him, and revealing him as a robotic decoy. Spider-Man doesn't know if the real person was ever even there, Spider-Man leaves Armada webbed up.

    South Park


    The Yautja makes two appearances in South Park.

    • "Butters' Very Own Episode:" We see Butters moving through a haunted forest, and the signature targeting crosshairs appear on Butters, followed by the thermal infrared vision.
    • "ImaginationLand Trilogy": We see the Yautja but it is a figment of someone's imagination, and therefore not a real Yautja. Butters finds himself in Imagination Land just as numerous movie monsters and villains are invading. At one point, the Mayor is killed by akiande amedhah, before Butters runs into the Yautja.
    • "Jewpacabra" The first person view of the hunter looking through the binoculars is supposedly a reference to Yautja. Thermal vision is also used in the episode and James Cameron is mentioned.
    [SouthPrk] [SouthPrk] [SouthPrk]

    SeaLab 2021

    While not directly shown out of cloaking, the visual references and the title of this Sealab 2021 episode S01E06, the Predator, is both a reference to the classic 1987 movie, and the titular creature. Given the characteristics of the antagonist in this episode, this creature is very much a reference to the Yautja, but in a parodied manner. From Burrows on Vimeo.

    Star Trek

    Worf Hirogen

    The Yautja have been referenced several times in Star Trek:

    • "ST:TNG - Genesis:" Several members of the USS Enterprise crew devolve into more primitive lifeforms, with Lieutenant Commander Worf devolving into a "proto-Klingon" that bears several visual similarities with the Yautja, including prominent mandibles around the mouth.
    • Star Trek: Voyager: The Hirogen were a nomadic species of hunters who were encountered by the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They viewed other lifeforms as prey and treated them as such, showing little evidence of compassion and empathy for other intelligent species. Like the Yautjas, they wear elaborate, tribal-themed masks while taking part in hunts, and collect the skulls of their prey as trophies, displaying them prominently in trophy cabinets. Joe Menosky admitted that the Yautja aliens were an influence on the Hirogen, saying of the latter species, "They were our little way of emulating Predator and so forth." (Star Trek Monthly issue 39)


    [TMNT] [TMNT]

    The kiande amedha and Yautja has inspired many franchises to create similar creatures. A primary example of these inspired creatures are seen in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The Pizza Monsters, seen in the 1987 TMNT series, episode "The Case of the Killer Pizzas" and the Squirrelanoids from the 2012 Nick series, episode "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids" are clear examples of the TMNT franchise referencing the Alien films. They are shown even displaying similar reproduction methods and abilities to the kiande amedha.