3 times the terror.

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Aug 8 2179. Nearly 2 weeks after leaving Acheron, the egg left by the Queen on the USS Sulaco hatches and impregnates Ripley while she is in hypersleep. Some of the facehugger's acid blood causes a fire, and the Sulaco's main computer evacuates the ship. The hypersleep chambers of Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and Bishop are put on board Emergency Evacuation Vehicle unit 2650.

The EEV crashes on Fiorina 'Fury' 161 in the early morning hours. Hicks and Newt are killed in the crash and Bishop is rendered inoperative. Superintendant Harold Andrews requests Weyland-Yutani immediately evacuate Ripley. Meanwhile the facehugger on the EEV impregnates Spike, a dog belonging to Prisoner Thomas Murphy.

Later that night, Newt and Hicks' bodies are cremated in the furnace. During the ceremony, a kiande amedha hatches from Spike.

August 10, 2179. In the early morning, the kiande amedha attacks Prisoner Murphy in vent shaft 17 and he falls into a giant fan and is killed. That night, the kiande amedha attacks Prisoners Boggs and Rains, while Prisoner Golic escapes. Elsewhere, Ripley is attacked by Prisoners Junior, William, Gregor and Martin while at the prison's waste dump retrieving Bishop. Dillon intervenes preventing her from being raped.

About an hour later, Golic shows up raving about the Dragon that killed Boggs and Rains and it confined to the infirmary. Ripley reactivates Bishop who accesses the Sulaco's flight recorder and tells her that the Alien was on board the Sulaco and is now on Fiorina.

Another hour later, Johnathan Clemens is killed by the kiande amedha in the infirmary. Before Ripley can alert Andrews, he is also taken.

2 hours after their deaths, a number of prisoners are killed in a fire while attempting to trap the kiande amedha.

Alien3 August 11, 2179. An hour later, Ripley discovers she has a kiande amedha Queen inside of her.

Within the next two hours, the next attempt to kill the kiande amedha results in all the remaining prisoners deaths, apart from Prisoners Robert Morse and Leonard Dillon. Dillon is killed when he lures the kiande amedha into the refinery's lead works. Prisoner Morse dumps hot lead on the kiande amedha, from which it escapes. Ripley turns the sprinklers on it, shattering the molten kiande amedha into pieces.

Michael Bishop, the self-proclaimed designer of the Bishop model androids, arrives on the starship Patna at Fiorina and fails to convince Ripley to let him remove the Queen embryo. Ripley throws herself into the refinery's furnace in order to stop Weyland-Yutani getting their hands it. Warder Francis Aaron is shot when he attacks Bishop. Genetic samples of Ripley are collected. The Fiorina 161 facility is closed down and the sole survivor, Prisoner Morse is re-assigned.