"Hunting season opens again..."

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Mid August, 1997.

A Yautja ship secretly arrives in Los Angeles. Shortly after, an OWLF (Other World Life Form) Team lead by Peter Keyes detects one of them, CityHunter, and begins gathering data.

August 30, 1997.

After a bloody shoot out with police on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, members of El Scorpio, a Columbian drug cartel are slaughtered by CityHunter.

That night, members of a rival gag, commanded by King Willie, kill a Columbian leader in his apartment before they themselves are killed by the CityHunter. The crime is investigated by Lt Mike Harrigan, Det. Danny Archuleta, Det. Leona Cantrell and new transfer from Rampart to Metro, Det. Jerry Lambert. They are soon removed from the case by Peter Keyes team posing as Drug Enforcement Administration.

Around midnight Danny returns to the now deserted apartment, and finds a speartip weapon CityHunter left behind. CityHunter however is waiting for him and he is killed.

September 2, 1997.

In the morning, Leona and Lambert lose track of Keyes in the meat packing district after secretly trailing them for three days under instructions from Harrigan. That night Harrigan meets with King Wille trying to get information on who killed the drug gangsters as well as Danny. King Willie claims it is a demon, and after they part company, the CityHunter kills Willie, taking his head back to its ship as a trophy.

September 3, 1997.

Dr Irene Edwards, to whom Harrigan gave the speartip found with Dannyís body, finds out it has traces of blood that suggests whoever killed Danny had recently been in a slaughterhouse. Harrigan tells Leona and Lambert to take the train to meet him at the meat packing district to try and find Keyes.

That afternoon, while on the train, Leona and Lambert try to break up a potentially lethal situation between gang members and commuters when CityHunter attacks. It kills five gang members and a number of armed commuters, while Leona herds everyone away from the carnage. Lambert tries to hold off CityHunter, but is also killed. Leona is spared after CityHunter discovers she is pregnant.

That evening during the clean up, Harrigan arrives just in time to see CityHunter tear out Lambertís skull and spine and then escape. CityHunter makes itís way back towards the slaughterhouse over rooftops, while Harrigan chases it on the ground. Harrigan is ambushed by Keyes team and taken into custody as the CityHunter celebrates its kill in a short electrical storm.

Keyes mentions to Harrigan that a creature identical to the one they are pursuing in Los Angeles stalked and slaughtered Dutch Schaefer's team in the jungle ten years prior. After being rescued from Val Verde, Dutch experienced adverse health effects (possibly radiation sickness due to exposure to the explosion of the Jungle Hunter's Self-Destruct Device. Harrigan also sees a video of Anna Gonsalvez aiding government agents, showing the devastating after-effects of the Jungle Hunter's self-destruct device to the U.S. Army.

The OWLF team moves into the slaughterhouse where CityHunter feeds, thinking their presence is masked by special suits. Suspicious, CityHunter cycles through different vision modes until he spots Keyesí team. The OWLF team is slaughtered before Harrigan goes in and shoots CityHunter a number of times, bringing it down.

CityHunter however is playing possum and throws Harrigan across the room. Harrigan is saved by a wounded Keyes, but the latter is quickly dispatched by CityHunters smart disk weapon. It chases Harrigan onto the roof, where Harrigan gets the upper hand, tackling CityHunter forcing both of them onto a narrow ledge. CityHunter, thinking it has been beaten tries to activate its mini-nuke, but Harrigan cuts off the arm holding the device. The creature manages to heal itself as Harrigan pursues, ultimately ending up in CityHunterís ship hidden in the sewer. There, Harrigan finally manages to kill CityHunter, and is given an old flintlock pistol by the CityHunters shipmates as a form of reward.

Harrigan narrowly escapes as the ship takes off, much to the annoyance of Peter Keyes's assistant, Garber.